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World Hunger

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For thirty hours on February 24th through the 25th, a group of people and I fasted. However, it was more than not eating for thirty hours; we played games and talked about world hunger. It was they’re hungry how sad. But then I learned the cold hard truth; people die. Below the title is a chart that has the statistics. The top row shows a period of time, while the row under it shows how many people die in that time. World hunger is more than just going hungry, its malnutrition and suffering. Hunger can set off chains of events that can cause people to lose their homes or even die.

        When I fasted it caused me a lot of pain. I was so hungry and my stomach was growling. However, I know it was nothing compared to what people in Africa and other third world countries. They have to go through the same thing but a much more intense version day after day, year after year.

        In many third world countries, need for food and/or clean water causes civil unrest. Civil unrest is where a community turns against each other and fights. In many parts of these third world or developing countries families are forced to move out of their homes and live under tarps that are held up by sticks. Much of the civil unrest is caused when a tribe or community has access to a clean water source and another tribe or community wants the source.  If anyone is not killed, they are most likely to be run out of their homes.

        One of the many causes of hunger is that families are financially unstable. If someone in a third world country is even lucky enough to have a job, they only make about forty dollars ($40) a month. This small amount is not even enough to pay the average American cell phone bill.

        One of the worst parts of this is when you think about the U.S. We all live in our nice little bubble that protects us from the truth. We have plenty of food to go around and then some, in fact the average American eats thirty pounds of cheese a year due mostly to the consumption of eighteen acres of pizza a day that is eaten by Americans. Did you know that fast food companies throw away food if it doesn’t meet some silly requirement? For instance, if a chicken nugget at McDonalds isn’t a certain shape they throw it away. That’s right; they throw away perfectly good food that could be used as food for underprivileged people.

What Can I Do To Help?

        One way to help is to tell people about it. Knowledge is power. If you tell someone about world hunger, they’ll tell other people and soon everyone will care.

        Look it up. If you have some free time look it up on the internet. Read the facts. Learn the truth.

        Get involved. Do what I did. Find out about something like the thirty hour famine. If you want to know more about the thirty hour famine, talk to me sometime.

        Donate. If you see someone trying to raise money, give them some spare change, maybe even a couple of dollars.

        If you want some more information go to my website,, or email me at

Thank you for your support!